A recent series of medical alternative treatments in research in India for hemophilia (uncontrollable bleeding) with snake venom has yielded unexpected initial results: it also appears to slow the spread of HIV in an infected person’s bloodstream. From the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology The research by Dr Kanjaksha Ghosh of Indian Council of Medical.. read more →

With the rise of over prescription of antibiotics, bacteria also has evolved in the last decades to be antibiotic resistant, bringing rise to “superbugs” like MRSA and other diseases, which can be deadly and often impossible to easily cure. Scientists have been turning to alternative medicine as well as ancient medicine in study to find,.. read more →

Golf Star Ian Poulter recently tweeted some photos from his acupuncture sessions, noting that the treatment has been effective with rehabilitating his neck and other sports profession related injury. But Poulter is far from the only athlete turning to acupuncture. In a recent uptick of large scale, that would seem to run parallel with the.. read more →

From the British Journal of Sports Medicine Indulging in physical activities for 30 minutes 6 days a week could slash death risk from any cause in elderly men by 40 percent, a new study claims. The researchers base their findings on people taking part in the Oslo Study, which invited almost 26,000 men born between 1923 and 1932.. read more →

Cultivated for thousands of years and used by everyone from Rembrandt to sketch, to the U.S. military to clean airplane parts, the humble walnut may have yet another power: maintaining brain health. A new study suggests the nuts may delay the onset and slow the progression or even prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Abha Chauhan, PhD, head.. read more →

A technique used for centuries for stress and energy relief, acupuncture of the face when done by an expert practitioner has been both common and effective for users, and also often intimidating in appearance for those unfamiliar with the technique. Now, with the rise in popularity of eastern medicine and treatments, and also the rise.. read more →

From Science Insider  The cautious tone of the questioning reflects the unusual status FDA has bestowed on homeopathy. Since 1938, the agency has defined homeopathic products as drugs, thanks in part to U.S. senator and homeopathic physician Royal Copeland, who co-authored the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. And since then, FDA has relied on.. read more →

Ongoing study has results of a similar sort rolling in: sitting for long periods is simply very bad for your health. As humans evolved as creatures that were originally constantly on the move, small surprise that being immobile will have negative health effects, but recent study finds that sitting still for long periods of time.. read more →

A recent FDA approval has allowed Gardasil’s new version to be approved with a significantly higher aluminum content, which has detractors and critics of the vaccine alarmed. Other recent study finds a drop in HPV and other ailments of girls of high school age. As there are no long term studies of this vaccines side.. read more →

There may be a spicy way to keep your body in shape, as scientists have found that adding capsaicin from chili peppers to a diet may just help to prevent weight gain. Researchers at the University of Wyoming conducted a study on mice, keeping them on high-fat diet found promise in the potential of capsaicin as a.. read more →

From AIN A team of scientists has for the first time discovered a killing mechanism that could underpin a range of the most intractable neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and ALS. The new study revealed the mechanism of toxicity of a misfolded form of the protein that underlies prion diseases, such as bovine spongiform.. read more →

Form Life Extension Building on their earlier work that suggested people who meditate have less age-related atrophy in the brain’s white matter, a new study by UCLA researchers found that meditation appeared to help preserve the brain’s gray matter, the tissue that contains neurons. The scientists looked specifically at the association between age and gray.. read more →

Some 1.1 billion teenagers and young adults are at risk of hearing loss due to the unsafe use of personal audio devices, including smartphones, and exposure to damaging levels of sound at noisy entertainment venues such as nightclubs, bars and sporting events, according to WHO. Hearing loss has potentially devastating consequences for physical and mental.. read more →

From Time Magzine Americans are slowly but surely embracing complementary medicine—alternative practices to go with standard treatment—according to new data from the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). MORE International Aid to Nepal Ramps UpHow the Polio Vaccine Trials Relieved a Worried NationSuzanne Crough, Youngest ‘Partridge Family’ Star, Dies NBC NewsCops, Guard Move In as Baltimore.. read more →

Are Women’s feelings being disproportionately medicated v.s. Men? One psychiatrist says yes. From the New York Times excerpt At least one in four women in America now takes a psychiatric medication, compared with one in seven men. Women are nearly twice as likely to receive a diagnosis of depression or anxiety disorder than men are. For many women, these.. read more →

With a limited amount of antibiotics available to properly treat illness, and the potential rise of superbugs some doctors are concerned about anecdotal statements about allergies associated with antibiotics being pinned to the permanent record of patients, often when that patient can’t recall how or why it was listed as a possible allergen. Many times.. read more →

Last week the Deputy Chairman of the British Medical Association, announced research which found those who take the cholesterol-lowering drugs are more than twice as likely to develop Parkinson’s disease in later life than those who do not. from The Express UK A study last week showed statin use increases the risk of diabetes by 46.. read more →

Recently NBC sent a crew to film Keith “One Time” Thurman getting acupuncture and Medical Qigong from Martin Keane at Classical Medicine in preparation for tonight’s big bout. If you missed the TV broadcast click HERE From www.TampaBay.com Thurman, who is Clearwater raised and St. Petersburg trained by Dan Birmingham, defends his WBA welterweight title.. read more →

From the Epoch Times A Stanford University study finds acupuncture effective for reducing the need for sedative medications for neonates and infants undergoing treatments in the intensive care unit. Dr. Golianu, MD (Department of Anesthesiology, Stanford University), Christina Almgren, PNP (Stanford Children’s Health, Stanford University), et. al., note that high doses of opioids and benzodiazepines.. read more →

Ongoing study has been conducted by scientists seeking the answer to causes of weight gain and obesity. In recent studies a team of researchers turned their attention to the times that we choose to eat, and how this could potentially affect weight gain. From the New York Times A new study, which appeared in the journal.. read more →

Lack of exercise leaves a person at greater risk of early death than does being obese, according to a study published this evening. And it could take little more than a daily 20-minute walk to reduce the death toll due to inactivity. A huge study of more than 334,000 European men and women showed that.. read more →

From Harvard Health Publications General physical fitness and targeted exercises to improve balance can prevent falls. But so can staying mentally active to maintain brain health. A sharp mind helps you to think — and stay — on your feet. “We need careful planning of our movements, decision making, reaction time and attention,” says Brad Manor,.. read more →

In new studies on how the mind works, scientists find that those those that vote Republican and those that vote Democrat literally have different brains, in the way that the brain functions. From Mother Jones: in the American Journal of Political Science, a team of researchers including Peter Hatemi of Penn State University and Rose McDermott.. read more →

A new study finds a link between households that use dishwashers to clean their dirty dishes and a higher incidence of children with allergies. However with households that hand wash dishes, children do not have this prevalence. Scientists opine that a lack of microbe exposure, instead of leading to illness, can actually lead to negative.. read more →

From the NY Times Symptoms of complicated grief commonly include intense yearning, longing or emotional pain; frequent preoccupying, intrusive thoughts and memories of the person lost; a feeling of disbelief or inability to accept the loss; and difficulty imagining a meaningful life without that person. “People with complicated grief often feel shocked, stunned or emotionally.. read more →